Breitbart Chief ExecutiveSteve Bannon

Steve Bannon: The most complex and compelling character in politics

Steven Bannon is rapidly emerging as the most complex and compelling character in global politics. He speaks frankly, he speaks off-message, he does not seem to shovel clear bullshit, and there is something endearing about it. But, let’s be under no illusions: Steve Bannon is a bad guy. Anyone who is the architect of Breitbart news is a bad guy. This is a news organisation which literally must, somewhere in its HQ, have a document explicitly stating that their MO […]

Competing Narratives

Mars keeps presenting evidence to support the theory that life once or presently existed on the planet, and never presents evidence that could rule it out. A bit like the theory that Donal Trump is a Kremlin stooge. But there are many narratives on Trump and everything, and it’s hard to which ones to give credence to.

On Political Correctness

These days there is a huge backlack against supposed ‘Political Correctness’. They say it’s gone mad. Donald Trump has got elected based, on a large part, on telling it as it is. But is Political Correctness completely an unalloyed evil? Does it in fact have a crucial role to play in society, and what are the dangers of doing away with it?