Steve Bannon: The most complex and compelling character in politics

Breitbart Chief ExecutiveSteve Bannon

Steven Bannon is rapidly emerging as the most complex and compelling character in global politics. He speaks frankly, he speaks off-message, he does not seem to shovel clear bullshit, and there is something endearing about it. But, let’s be under no illusions: Steve Bannon is a bad guy. Anyone who is the architect of Breitbart news is a bad guy. This is a news organisation which literally must, somewhere in its HQ, have a document explicitly stating that their MO […]

Competing Narratives

Mars keeps presenting evidence to support the theory that life once or presently existed on the planet, and never presents evidence that could rule it out. A bit like the theory that Donal Trump is a Kremlin stooge. But there are many narratives on Trump and everything, and it’s hard to which ones to give credence to.